The MEDIAssistant MM115 is the latest innovation by Convergence Concepts.  It is a PC-based Electronic Aid to Daily Living (EADL) specifically designed to help individuals with disabilities regain control of their environment. The MEDIAssistant MM115 is a portable unit designed around a portable tablet computer which gives the user control of electrical and electronic devices throughout the home.  The system uses both infrared transmission and Z-Wave radio transmission to operate any number of devices. 


The key to the MEDIAssistant’s power and ease of use is its unique touchscreen. The touchscreen combines the functions of multiple remote controls into a single intuitive unit with large ‘soft’ buttons that react to the touch of a finger or stylus and don’t require pressure. No need to decipher what button to press, they are all labeled in plain English. Each MEDIAssistant system is customized for each client’s equipment, including favorite names for environmental devices (Kitchen Lights, Bedside Lamp, Fan, etc.).

A. Touch—the MEDIAssistant MM115 has a touchscreen with large ‘soft’ buttons that react to the touch of a finger, knuckle, or included stylus and don’t require pressure.

B. Voice—the user can operate the MEDIAssistant MM115 by voice using Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  All of the commands that show up on the screen can be activated by simply speaking the command.  The command button responds to indicate that the command was recognized. A unique ‘Push To Talk” feature is available which uses a switch to trigger the microphone On or Off to avoid unwanted voice operation.

C. Switch Scanning—a variety of switches can be plugged into the MEDIAssistant MM115 to initiate scanning of the commands on the screen. When the desired command is highlighted, the switch then activates that command.  Single or dual switch operation is available.

D. Head Tracking—if desired, the system can use its integrated video camera to track the movement of the user’s head to move the mouse on the screen.  When the cursor is positioned on the command button on the screen that the user wants to activate, the user can either issue a voice command, operate a switch or simply dwell on the button to trigger the command.


MEDIAssistant systems can control a variety of devices throughout the home, including infrared controlled electronics like TVs, VCR's, DVD players, cable and satellite boxes, stereo receivers and IR controlled telephones. In addition, the system can use the widely available Z-Wave technology to control household electrical equipment like lights, fans, lifts, door openers, deadbolts and thermostats.

The MEDIAssistant MM115 is a full-featured Windows® 8.1 based portable PC that can run office productivity applications, send and receive emails, access the Internet and play computer games—all hands free if necessary.  The included Dragon NaturallySpeaking Speech Recognition software makes it easy to operate the PC features of the system by voice.  The system has 4 GB of memory and a 128 GB solid state hard drive so it can run almost any software available.  The MM115 also has a micro-HDMI port that lets you connect the system to a larger monitor or television for even greater productivity and user convenience.


One of the features that makes the MEDIAssistant MM115 truly unique is the variety of ways that a user can operate it:

All of these access methods can be used simultaneously to provide the best ease-of-use experience available anywhere.

The system is all solid state and doesn’t have any moving parts so it can handle the jostling that can happen when mounted to a wheelchair or mounting arm.

The MEDIAssistant MM115 is simple to set up too.  All programming is performed via the internet.  You simply take the unit out of its box, connect it to the internet, and give Convergence Concepts a call. You start up the Remote Access program and we can access the system remotely.  We can configure the system for your electronic and electrical devices. For IR controlled devices, if we don’t already have the needed IR commands in our database, they can be easily learned into the system with some assistance at the client end.


The MEDIAssistant MM115 was developed to be affordable too—its priced at a low $5,995. This price includes the MM115, a power supply, a Z-Wave Lamp Module, and a stylus.  It also includes any programming needed via the internet.  All of the available accessories, including mounting arms and Z-Wave devices, are straightforward to install.

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MEDIAssistant MM115



MEDIAssistant MM115 - Portable Environmental Control Unit (ECU) includes programming


WPA1—Wheelchair Power Adapter to power the system from a power wheelchair’s charging port


MA1—Flexible Mounting Arm clamps to bed or wheelchair rail
















Check out the introductory video for the Mobile Unit:

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The MEDIAssistant MM115 unit can be mounted in a variety of ways.  It can be simply placed on a table or tray in view of the user.  The MM115 has a built-in adjustable kickstand to prop it up for easier viewing.  It also has an optional flexible arm mount that can be clamped to the rails of a bed or wheelchair and can position the unit for easy operation.  With the wheelchair mount, you can use the system anywhere throughout the home or office.  A unique power adapter can be used in conjunction with the mounting arm to power the MEDIAssistant MM115 off of a power wheelchair’s batteries—no need to lose the use of the unit when it needs to be charged. Finally, the MEDIAssistant MM115 can be mounted using any number of VESA 100 mounting arms.