“My name is Army Staff Sgt. Matthew Keil and I was shot in the right side of the neck by a sniper in Iraq.  This catastrophic injury left me a quadriplegic paralyzed from the chest down with only the use of my left arm.  I lost most of my independence and the ability to do things on my own.  The environmental control unit that Convergence Concepts created for me exponentially increased my independence. I am able to control virtually anything in my home with a multifaceted system that is very easy to use.  With the use of a PDA, my laptop, or voice control technology; I can watch television, control all the light switches, the fireplace and even the doors in my home.  I am also able to use the computer to send e-mails, browse the Internet, and manage all of my online accounts.  Convergence Concepts can integrate practically anything that has a plug or a remote.  Being able to use a system like this means the world to anyone with a disability and especially me!  People with disabilities are constantly trying to find ways to increase their independence. Convergence Concepts has done that for me!”

Matthew Keil

Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army (ret)

Here are some of the kind things that our clients have said about Convergence Concepts and the products and services that we offer:

"Dear John:

I know this letter is way overdue but I wanted to thank you personally for everything you did putting the automation system in my new home.  I know it was a hassle for you to come all this way to help, but I do greatly appreciate it.  It was great to meet you , and I’m not just saying that because of all the work you did.  Being able to open doors, turn on lights, use the TV, etc. for myself after your years of having someone else do it is a great feeling so thank you for giving me this freedom.  Words can’t describe the amount of gratitude that my family and I have for everything you have done and continue to do for us.  It truly is a blessing to have a friend like you.  This house is a blessing and it couldn’t have been possible without people like you.  You didn’t have to take your personal time to come here and work but you did and for that I am forever grateful.  I have always known that we live in a great country and there is  no other place like it.  I consider myself lucky to live in such a great nation.  It is loyal and patriotic people like you that make this country so wonderful. Thank you so much for everything you do and have done.

Again, thank you very much and God bless you and come up for a visit at any time you like.


Arthur ’Bunky’ Woods 

"As a user of the Convergence Concepts equipment and system, I must thank John Lorimor for his hard work and dedication to help those of us who are disabled and our families.

I am a quadriplegic in a wheel chair and have very limited use of my arms.  With the Convergence Concepts Equipment I am able to control almost my entire house.  It has given me back a majority of my independence and I no longer feel like a burden on my family.  I am able to open doors, turn on lights, turn on different communication devices within my home, as well as controlling the thermostat and even simple things such as turning on the television.  No longer do I need to depend upon my family and friends for such simple tasks.  My wife and children were afraid to leave me at home alone for any length of time but with Mr. Lorimor's equipment I am able to be more self sufficient.  I no longer need to feel dependent upon others for the simple every day needs.  My confidence level in myself has risen immensely and I feel free to be able to move about in my everyday life.

My family and I wish to thank John Lorimor and Convergence Concepts for the freedom they have given me with this equipment.  Their work gives new life back to those of us that live everyday with struggles of disabilities."

Troy Nelson